One-way PET keg for beverages

The PETAINER Keg® is a completely new container developed for draught beer, wine and other beverages.

The PETAINER Keg® – a revolution in bulk drink transport. The PETAINER Keg® is an innovative lightweight beverage container for one-way use. It is fully recyclable as manufactured in PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate). Therefore it is more cost-efficient and sustainable than any conventional keg.

Take your chance to open new and exciting market opportunities with our PETAINER Keg®!

PETAINER Keg® & cost efficiency

The larger the distance that metal kegs travel, the more the direct costs of transport increase. That’s why export markets are particularly difficult to deal with using traditional returnable metal kegs... >> Read more here

PETAINER Keg® & sustainability

PETAINER Kegs® are fully and easily recyclable. Once safely de-pressurised, they can be disposed of in the same way as any other PET packaging. Thus using Petainer kegs strongly contributes to brewers’ individual... >> Read more here

PETAINER Keg® & product safety and quality

PETAINER Kegs® use sophisticated ‘barrier technologies’ to keep their contents in the best possible condition for a long time. The use of Polyester Plus scavenger and own blending incorporated in the Petainer keg... >> Read more here

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